Custom Tokens for Betrayal At House on the Hill

Token Set customized for Betrayal at House on the Hill
Here you are - playing House - with a gang of friends and you have to find the Safe, or the Secret Passage, or the Smoke... and ten minutes later, you're still sifting through the itty bitty paper tokens looking for the word "Safe" or "Secret Passage"...

Why hurt yourself?
Why slow down the game?

These tokens replace the Pre-Haunt tokens needed to play BHH and the expansion.

At a glance, you can find the secret passageways, or the stairs, or the drip.

Seriously - finding four tiny letters written on an itty bitty paper bit buried under fifty others is not conducive to a happy gamer...

And besides... Who wouldn't want a cute little man eating plant to call their own?

These tokens are not endorsed by or affiliated with Avalon Hill, WotC or Hasbro.
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  • Model: BHH Token Set
  • Manufacturer: Token-Resistance

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