Dark Realms Forge

Beautiful Medieval Buildings
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Watchtower Ruins (DRFRWT)
This is what happens when the Orcs win. This ruined watchtower is perfect for those who want height, cover and line of sight in an open field game. Scaled to 28mm, this ruined watchtower is a haunting remnant of what once was.
Dark Realms Forge Tavern (DRFTAV)
This is a massive tavern from Dark Realms Forge. Comes complete with windows, doors, signage and multiple accessible levels. This tavern requires 4 pounds of plastic to print. Oh yeah.
Dark Realms Forge Church (DRFChurch)
This is an awesome church. Comes complete with doors, tower and removable roof.
Watchtower (DRFWT01)
This Dark Realms Forge Watchtower includes both the standard Crenelation top as well as the Horde top with roof. The complete set also comes with banners your tower, a main door and trap doors for all floors.
Fisherman's Hut (DRFFH01)
This Dark Realms Forge Fisherman's Hut includes four piers, The Hut, doors, stairs and a boat. With Paddles.
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