Blacksmith Shop
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The Blacksmith's Shop
FDG Blacksmith Shop (FDG0198_DLU_Blacksmith)
The Blacksmith's shop.

Usually the cranky old fart's hammering away at some shank of pig iron or another - and pawning it off on some poor adventurer like you...

It's a living.

He makes the pointy objects and you stick them into angry soft creatures. Usually they're soft - until they're not...

After option B:Run Away, you'll need to buy another pointy object...

Cue: Blacksmith. And his shop.

This item includes all the bits and pieces in the Blacksmith Shop Set in one nifty package.

All printed models come unpainted.

Original .stl files of this model can be purchased from www.fatdragongames.com
The Blacksmith's Shop
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