We are the Token-Resistance!

Why? Because Paper Tokens Suck.

We are here for YOU!

We started this business because there is a need in the gaming world to bring immersion and a sense of interaction to the world of board games. You don't get that by pushing around a bunch of cardboard tokens...

It's All About Quality!

At Token-Resistance, we prefer to print all our products in environmentally friendly PLA.

Our quality standards for our prints are stringent. Yes, they cost more than our competition; they're solid and they're better made. For most of our licensed gaming products, we pride ourselves on 1.2mm walls and a minimum 20% infill. We don't cut corners and our prints show it. We dare you to compare. Our prints for gamers are meant to last. We can print in PLA, ABS, PETG, ASA, Polycarbonate/ABS and TPU/TPE.

For Resin prints, we print solid unless otherwise requested. We use a custom resin blend that provides excellent detail reproduction and we have a variety of options should our standard resin not have the parameters you're looking for.

We Do Custom!

Custom orders can be printed in ABS, ASA, PLA and PETG with custom infills and wall thicknesses to suit. We can print almost anything at any size - if you need a thousand token bullets or a single two foot meeple, we can make it for you.

We do custom resin orders for minis and for prototypes - all at a reasonable cost and at scalable turnaround times for all your needs. Contact us for more information.